I’m Dan And I’m Asking For Your Vote

Hi, I’m Dan Wittels, and I’m running to be your voice on the ANC 1B.

The U Street neighborhood is in constant change. As a resident for more than 15 years in the 14th and U area, I’ve seen a lot of that change. Much of it has been for the good, but not all of it has made our little neighborhood a better place to live. And too often, local residents have felt sidelined in the decision making process.

That’s why I’m running for the newly created ANC 1B12 seat: I want to make sure your concerns and priorities are clearly heard on the ANC board, and across the numerous other local area civic committees.

I’ll be posting a lot more here in the coming days ahead about the many issues facing our neighborhood. I also want to hear your thoughts on what you would like the ANC 1B12 area to look like in the next two, five or ten years. Just send me your thoughts to wittelsanc1b12@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting the site, and I hope to hear from you soon.


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