Your Voice on the ANC

The ANC is a vital link between residents, business interests, the DC Metropolitan Police Department, city services like sanitation, as well as the many visitors we have here each day. My goal is to represent all the interests in our area, and balance the many competing interests in order to protect and grow this unique neighborhood.

It’s crucial that the ANC be responsive to all those who call this area home, whether by day or night. If elected I promise to work hard so that the ANC and the city works for you.

In the video above, I talk about just a few of the pressing issues that affect us all, but there are many others. Improving sanitation and rodent control, strengthening our ties to the police to improve safety and reduce crime, welcoming new development while protecting the neighborhood’s character, and balancing the needs of residents and our many guests who come for an evening of entertainment. And there are many more as well.

That’s why I hope you’ll take a moment to look over the mailing recently sent to all the registered voters in the ANC 1B12. And more importantly, email me anytime at with your thoughts on what you think the neighborhood needs, and what the ANC can do for you.


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